The Beginning of Royal Pixels

ROYAL PIXELS began as a passionate web & game development venture, a long-cherished dream of stepping into media creation and developing uniquely different websites, applications & games.

The company was formed by Mr. Dorin Buraca in 2015, starting off with the trend of the day - building 2D side-scrolling games on web-browsers & standalone platforms, websites, and multimedia production. When the Android and iOS mobile operating systems arrived the digital revolution went in full thrust. Gaming shifted from personal computers to mobile phones and Royal Pixels shifted its focus from standard games to creating mobile games.

What characterizes us?

  • We are a team of young people
  • We are passionate about what we do
  • We communicate effectively with our customers
  • We constantly document ourselves, and thus we deliver projects according to market trends
  • We adapt to the requirements of our customers

Five Pillars of Royal Pixels

Leaders Empowering & Learning
Innovation & Technology
Truth, Transparency & Honesty
Relationship Building
Growth Orientation

Contact Us

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Life at Royal Pixels

Royal Pixels is home to passionate and techies from diverse artistic tastes and tech backgrounds. The diversity brings distinct ideas on the creative front and with the appreciation and acceptance of offbeat thinking and conceptions, some of them eventually come to life. The Royal Pixels tribe thrives on the formula of “work while living and live while working!” Recreation, fun, and laughter are a part of life at Royal Pixels and festive seasons are full of celebrations that strengthen the diverse cultural bonds and drive team spirit. Needless to say, Royal Pixels is a true habitat for every creative game lover and a multimedia techie.

Our Mission

Building games that dignify the interest of players and continuously improving the gaming experience, making games a part of life.

Our Vision

Developing interactive as well as solo games and driving gaming communities by connecting gamers across the world.

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  • Website Design
  • Game Development
  • Creative Design
  • Video Animation
  • Web App Development


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